He had not raised his fist the past two weeks as the NFL honored the military, but he did it earlier this season. Okung attended a meeting in October with NFL owners and commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss how the league will handle anthem protests. Earlier this season Okung wrote an open letter to other NFL players on The Players’ Tribune, with the goal of overcoming “uncharted territory” by opening a line of communication and responding with “one voice” as players.

Sooner or later, the CFL numbers game, the import ratio, is going to get him. His employer knows it. And he knows it.When it happens, Waters returns to the waiting room, waiting for the next team in trouble to require his services to the point they play an American short on the rest of the roster, start singing the Ballad of Paladin, and fish out the Toe Will Travel card.It all came full cycle for Waters in the CFL when he showed up at Commonwealth Stadium Monday an Eskimo for the second time.This is where he came in.Actually, his pro career path began before the kicker/punter from the University of Alabama at Birmingham hit town the first time:Detroit Lions (2009)Oakland Raiders (2010)Edmonton Eskimos (2012)Carolina Panthers (2016)British Columbia Lions (2017)Edmonton Eskimos (2017)Waters was signed by the Eskimos the first time on June 24, 2012, and was released on July 10.He barely been unemployed when the Argos called.

Last weekend, he took it a step further, pledging on Twitter to dress up as the New Year’s baby wearing only a hat, sash and diaper if his tweet got 150 retweets. It hit 153. So into his minimalist outfit and on to the Metro Rail he went last Saturday night, to Roosevelt Square for the downtown ball drop..

To have (Manchester United) come to Kansas City was a huge deal. We had 55,000 people in the stadium, and it was a huge showcase to soccer for us in a community where we were still trying to find our identity. To have that big of a crowd there was massive, and we were obviously promoting everything that was going on..

In a statement to The Post after Moore’s Nov. 29 speech, Paula Cobia, a lawyer for Deason, recounted Deason’s vivid memories of dating Moore, from specific restaurants she says they frequented, to the velvet collared dress Deason says she wore when she says Moore took her to a social function at a Ramada Inn. Cobia said,.

“Our fans are going to be our fans. I feel like the true fans, that are really true to the New York Giants, and to the organization and to the players, whoever, they follow, whatever, the true fans are going to be there,” Pierre Paul said. “You don’t know how the season is going to go when you start.