There were also jokes poking fun of other brands’ commercials, such as ads for Dove chocolate that depict its smooth texture with the image of a woman getting enveloped in a silk scarf. “You can’t believe commercials,” Weibo user Su Rurui wrote in a Weibo microblog post. “Does a silk scarf surround you when you eat Dove? Do flower blossoms appear behind you when you use a sanitary pad? Do you fly into the sky after you drink soda?”.

SETH RUSSELL: Like Kelly, Baylor’s QB went to the Senior Bowl, where he sat in on meetings and observed practices even though he couldn’t play in the game. Russell broke his left ankle in a loss at Oklahoma in November. He had 2,126 yards passing with 20 touchdowns and eight interceptions, and also ran for 506 yards and eight more scores.

McCord also a set Troy single season record that season for free throws made (156). Despite playing just two seasons, McCord ranks second all time in scoring average at 22.0 points per game, while ranking 10th in points (1,300) and 10th in free throws made (226). An accurate shooter, McCord shot over 50 percent from the floor and made 136 3 pointers in his career with the Trojans.

SPRING HIT: What could have been a devastating blow to the team, the loss of starting center Brian Ferentz, turned out OK when Mike Elgin stepped in and took over. Ferentz, son of coach Kirk Ferentz, had knee surgery last year. He had more work done in February and developed a staph infection.

“Every time I step out there on that field I give it everything I have,” Vick said in defending his effort, not his results. “And I try to leave no stones unturned, and I think it’s evident. That’s all that I can ask out of myself. Was shocked, honestly. I didn see it coming, Burns said. Nice to be able to play in Toronto in front of a lot of family and friends and that support system.

“Every coach is gonna tell their kid to come back to school, Franks said of Stoops. “But he a great coach. He told me, whenever you make your decision, I gonna be behind you, whether you come back or you leave. If the Dolphins do reach the playoffs, their chances of making it all the way to Houston, Texas, for Super Bowl LI are quite minuscule a mere .7 percent. Yes, that’s point seven percent, not seven percent insert Dumb and Dumber “so you’re saying there’s a chance” joke here. Football Outsiders gives the Dolphins a .2 percent chance of facing the Giants in the Super Bowl and a .1 percent chance of an all Florida Super Bowl matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers..