“It’s a win win.”Orlando residents Juan and Marisol Rodriguez, proudly decked out in Raiders gear, enjoyed the show at least in person.”It was nice to see the personalities out here,” Marisol said, adding she took off work to be there Wednesday. “You see them on television but it was actually nice to see their personalities showing up in person.”New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. Enjoyed himself, even lifting his self imposed no media policy.”We got to do the hands competition, the drone drop and we get to play dodge ball so it is cool to be able to do these things,” he said.

If celebrations are deemed a violation by on field officials, players could still be penalized under existing unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting violations, as well as fined.”Everybody has a different idea where the line is,” the commissioner said.There is no set time limit on how long such celebrations can continue. But the league is placing an emphasis on speeding up the pace of games. The 40 second play clock will begin once an official signals a touchdown and teams will have to snap the ball for their extra point play at the end of the clock.League officials will review celebrations during the preseason and anticipate providing guidance as the regular season progresses.

We killing each other for no reason and we want to blame everyone for our failures when it’s us, Flex Alexander says. Let alone I can count three kids that have been shot or died in this city due to gun violence. And it has nothing to do with these kids they’re innocent what if it was yours.”.

If Michigan loses it Bowl game by a fairly large margin and since David Brandon has already said that he is waiting until after the UM Bowl game to make a decision on the coach how would it look if Michigan indeed does lose it Bowl game by a fairly large margin and then Brandon says Rich Rod is staying that wouldn make sense and it would make Brandon look like a fool that is, what did waiting until after the Bowl game have to do with the “decision”?? So the Bowl game is the key the upcoming Bowl game is a measuring stick as to whether (or not) Michigan can compete with a good team (after more than a month of practice following the regular 2010 football season). For Rich Rod to stay at Michigan it will have to be a fairly convincing victory for Michigan in the upcoming Bowl game for Brandon to keep him as coach after all Michigan has lost to upper echelon Big Ten teams (except for that fluke Wisconsin win in 2008) in all of Rich 3 years. So if UM loses it first Bowl game in 3 years or if Michigan wins it first Bowl game in 3 years but the win is not convincing then good bye Rich Rod..