But he felt strong and got through practice with no issues so he’s going to be fine. It was scary, but we’re fortunate.”GONE, NOT FORGOTTENThe Jets were healthy enough Monday morning to send forward Brendan Lemieux back to the farm.By the end of practice, things may have changed.”It may be short term,” Maurice said of Lemieux’s stint with the AHL Manitoba Moose. “You watched practice and you see a guy get hit with the puck, so we’ll see how Shawn Matthias is tomorrow.”Lemieux had been a healthy scratch, of late, something Maurice didn’t want to continue.”We’re not going to have a pro that’s eligible to play sit and watch,” the coach said.

Alas, Reed sacked Glennon to provide a familiar ending for a team with too thin a margin for error to tolerate such mistakes. But in losing the season opener to an opponent whose last game was Super Bowl LI, the Bears achieved a meaningful victory: They beat the rap for being one of the worst teams in the league. This didn’t look like a bunch bound for another woebegone season..

Debbie enjoyed sunny family holidays to , and had a great green thumb when it came to gardening. We will always remember your smile and your laugh, Mom, and we are so grateful for the strength and grace for which you so bravely fought this awful disease. Your faith in God has been inspiring.

“I stunk,” Peyton Manning said minutes after struggling through the 16th meeting between two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. All that was true Sunday in the meeting between the AFC’s two top teams. Tom Brady outplayed Manning and the New England Patriots won 43 21 for their fifth straight victory, ending the Denver Broncos’ winning streak at four.

Nemtsov was a logical first target for this menacing force.”So, rather than wait for actual evidence to emerge, the Times published Gessen’s conclusions and then let her spin off some even more speculative interpretations. Yet, basing speculation upon speculation is almost always a bad idea, assuming you care about fairness and accuracy.Remember how after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, some terrorism “experts” not only jumped to the false conclusion that the attack was a case of Islamic terrorism but that Oklahoma was chosen to send a message to Americans that no part of the country was safe. But the terrorist turned out to be a white right wing extremist lashing out at the federal government.Yet, during my years at the Associated Press, one of my articles was about a CIA “psychological operations” manual which an agency contractor prepared for the Nicaraguan Contra rebels noting the value of assassinating someone on your own side to create a “martyr” for the cause.