CBS will use the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, an innovative technology platform that tracks players on field and generates a broader set of statistical data in real time, during its coverage of Super Bowl 50. The NFL’s Next Gen Stats allow CBS and fans to analyze and understand the action on the field in a way never possible before. Information includes: match up based statistics between players such as separation distance between offensive and defensive players on any given play (ie.

In the vast majority of these cases there is tangible and hard evidence of the infraction for which the discipline is being imposed, and still the initial penalty gets reduced.months removed from the AFC championship game, the league still has no hard evidence of anybody doing anything to tamper with the PSI levels in footballs. I continue to believe (in) and unequivocally support Tom Brady. Head coach Bill Belichick followed Kraft to the media room podium at Gillette Stadium, and tersely brushed off all Deflate gate questions, saying Kraft had addressed the matter.Earlier Wednesday morning, Brady released a statement to his Facebook page, in which he denied conspiring with anyone to deflate air from footballs.did nothing wrong, and no one in the Patriots organization did either, Brady wrote.Brady also denied having destroyed the cellphone he used during the time in question for the purpose of wiping out any traces of purported incriminating communications he had with Patriots equipment handlers, or others.disagree with yesterday narrative surrounding my cellphone, Brady wrote.

In this Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015, photo, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, left, and New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall talk about overcoming mental health issues in Houston. Foster has joined Marshall’s PROJECT 375, a nonprofit.. On Sunday, the president acknowledged he has a lot to learn. “I think the rules in Congress and, in particular the rules in the Senate, are unbelievably archaic and slow moving and, in many cases, unfair,” Trump said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “In many cases, you’re forced to make deals that are not the deal you’d make. You’d make a much different kind of a deal.

Is a terrible tragedy, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said. Don know all the details yet, but we are reaching out to the Broncos to offer our support. Was a second year player from Oklahoma State. My point is not to rub the noses of modern white America in the dirty deeds of their ancestors. It’s to make a larger point: People from all over the globe, whether they came here of their own free will or were forcefully brought here, have had to fight for their place in America. They’ve had to shout, argue and protest for the basic rights enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the sacred document that marked our country’s separation from its own oppressor.