The pink gear worn by the Ravens has been auctioned to raise funds that are used to provide free clinical breast exams and mammograms for women in need. Thanks to the NFL, the Ravens and all other NFL clubs, more than $3 million has been raised nationally through the sale of pink retail items and the NFL pink auction. Best of all, this means that countless women’s lives will be saved.

Chicago at Minnesota Minnesota reminds me of that Bugs Bunny cartoon when the plane is nosediving at ever increasing speed, then stops just before it hits the ground when it runs out of gas. Bugs climbs out and says something like, That was a close one! the cartoons, but these are the real life Vikings. Well, the purple and gold ones from Minneapolis, anyway.

Chapman: First of all, I’ve learned that you can’t manage people. You can only inspire people. Leadership is a part of the process of inspiring people. We hired [former 49ers and current University of Michigan head coach] Jim Harbaugh and we hired Jim Tomsula. Some would say one was a strong hit and the other one was a miss. That’s the game we’re in.

“What really put Stanford ahead for me was the fact that it had Silicon Valley in its backyard,” Booker said. “Ever since I’ve been a middle schooler and we’d have the book fairs, I’ve always been the one checking out the books about technology. It would talk about who founded these companies like Google and Apple, who were the top executives and it would say what college they went to and you’d see recurring themes of Stanford.”.

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“It’s a huge recognition. We (Tricolour Guard) love it and I think the students love it too,” Mr. Hodgson said.. Quarterback Brett Hundley makes his third start in place of injured star Aaron Rodgers (collar bone). Hundley runs well, and his athleticism has prompted Bears coaches to emphasize the importance of pursuing him until the whistle blows. Hundley gets jittery in the pocket, and he’s quick to drop his eyes if his first read isn’t open.

The 2010 Chicago Rush season kicks off April 3 at Iowa. The Rush home opener at Allstate Arena is set for Sunday, April 11, against the Cleveland Gladiators. Season and group tickets for the 2010 season are on sale, with season ticket prices beginning as low as $64 per ticket.