One of the points I made in my session, and that I want to re emphasize here, is that I would love for San Dimas to become a platform that third party developers can “plug in” to. I’ll stress that this may not happen and if it does it is a long way off. Having said that, I had great conversations with developers in Boston about things that they would like to do with an eBay desktop application, if they had the ability to extend it or integrate with it..

At the start of this week, the explanation for the unexpected rise in prices was that many brokers had been tickets, based on the assumption that the previously established pattern would hold true and prices would fall as Super Bowl Sunday neared. To short sell tickets, broker typically lists tickets in a generic section of the stadium and doesn disclose exactly where the seats are until the Wednesday before the game, as a post by ESPN Darren Rovell explained. Idea for the brokers is to take money from ticket buyers when the tickets are at a higher price after the conference title games, then actually buy the tickets days later as the prices start to come down.

The Vatican is hardly known for being cutting edge. But when it comes to its Twitter policy, the organization was prescient enough to set up an account that expressly belonged to the papacy and not to an individual pope. There was no doubt that Pope Benedict followers did not belong to him, but to the office.

Everyone Loves Raymond for example. The problem with this is that there’s an enormous void in the English language when it comes to properly branding the group of the first ten digits the so called “ass end of the natural number system.” The English language wasn’t created by marketing professionals, instead being developed over generations by the collective will of our ancestors. (Thanks, jerks.) Which means if we’re going to break out of this jam, we’re going to have to forsake this childish attachment to using “real words” or “making sense.”.

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