8 ) happened in a dimly lit Markham ballroom in May 2010, when the company announced at its AGM a controversial buyout package for the company 78 year old founder and chairman. In exchange for Stronach giving up voting control of the company and collapsing Magna dual share structure, he received a roughly $1 billion payout in cash and considerations. Year, I accepted a proposal by shareholders to eliminate my control block, which I did, and I have no regrets, Stronach told a packed ballroom at this year AGM.

Despite the new wheels on the show floor, one of the cars people flocked to see was a 50 year old Mustang GT fastback in need of a paint job. It was one of the original cars used in the 1968 film, “Bullitt,” starring Steve McQueen. Shining brightly next to it is the new Mustang, inspired by the “Bullitt.”.

Amalgamation of the company with the ET to allow the construction to proceed was hindered temporarily by a lawsuit brought by the , Blue Springs, and Railroad Company, which had also been granted a charter for a branch route between the two towns. In the end, the ET won out, redrew the route, completed the tunnel, and finished the branch railroad. The company officially named the passageway through the ridge Whiteside Tunnel after James Whiteside of , one of the company’s directors and one of the town’s early leaders.

The Carolina Panthers are preparing to face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 and are the odds on favorites to win the game. With Cam Newton at quarterback and Ron Rivera as the head coach, they have what it takes to win the game, but it won be easy against Peyton Manning and his Broncos. With the big game only days away, here is a look at the Carolina Panthers news heading into Super Bowl 50..

You stand there doing some sort of victory dance gleefully pouring gasoline on this season funeral pyre. It seems you are bigger fans of getting to score some cheap rhetorical internet points for your sense of e vanity, and getting to say told you so on a website, than our team. Yes I said it I am questioning your status as a Michigan fan, you can bluster with righteous indignation all you want, but it doesn change the fact that you are celebrating RR failure.

A lot more rebellious, said Carroll. Whole pretty, minimalist, thing it just doesn seem appropriate to me. Specifically, he said, it much edgier and more fitted than his past collections. “I went over by him and called him by his name and he recognized my voice but he couldn’t see us because I was on the left side of him, the side the stroke affected. He just screamed my name and they took him off. We kind of just fell and prayed that everything was going to be OK,” Lisa Schrems said..