According to the primetime deliveries captured by Nielsen during the week of Sept. 19 25, the average lift for a given show’s final C3 rating versus its initial live same day delivery was just two tenths of a ratings point, or approximately 256,640 adults 18 to 49. In other words, the networks are adding a little over one quarter million demographically relevant commercial impressions when the three day currency data is calculated.

Zack Kassian will be an interesting litmus test of Chairelli intentions. Acquired in a mid season trade, he has a demonstrated fascinating mix of size, speed, skill, and truculence, but has also been erratic and undisciplined. While at one point it seemed a no brainer for the GM to make him a qualifying offer this June, one wonders if that offer might come at a lower price point if it comes at all.

“We want to try and stay away from that this year. There were a lot of user fees put in last year. We were looking at a big number last year and we wanted to go more toward user based fees and you’ll see some of that but I think it will be very limited because there were so many raised last year.

We are disappointed but not surprised by ruling against the preliminary injunction. Bakersfield and Kern County in general is very conservative and that unfortunately includes some of the judges. But it’s not over. Coli bacteria that signal the presence of fecal matter 125 times higher than is safe for swimming. Even wading through such tainted water could cause infections and sickness, said Terry Gentry, an associate professor and specialist in detecting tiny disease producing organisms. Environmental Protection Agency and the state environmental quality commission..

Zrebiec: Six weeks ago, I saw a nine or 10 win team, but that’s before most of the injuries, suspensions and retirements hit. The best NFL teams are able to withstand injuries, but no team is built to be able to seamlessly replace the number of starters or important reserves the Ravens have already lost before the regular season even kicks off. I’m sold on the Ravens defense being really good.

The 25th South by Southwest Film Festival will kick off with John Krasinski third directorial effort: the supernatural thriller Quiet Place. Austin, Texas, festival announced its slate Wednesday, starting with the opening selection of Krasinksi film. The film, which Paramount Pictures will release in April, stars Krasinski and Emily Blunt, his wife, as a rural couple haunted by an evil attracted to sound.