Have been tracking the path of Hurricane Irma for several days. As the track started to shift more westward and pose a greater threat to Alabama, we have in turn adjusted the necessary staff and resources to ensure the greatest level of preparedness, Alabama EMA Director Brian Hastings said. Alabama, our primary threat continues to be the potential for damaging winds and likely power outages and down trees..

The new rules make it so college players can receive feedback from NBA scouts and then return to school. Like many of the other early entry candidates with little to no chance of getting drafted, Stokes wants to see exactly where he stands. He probably doesn’t need to go through this process to learn he’s better off staying in college, but there’s no harm in doing it this way.

The feed from Draisaitl was barely human, and to his credit, Strome didn miss. Strome also salted it away late with a 120 foot bank shot into a gaping net with 8 seconds remaining. Could have had a hat trick if he had buried yet another terrific Draisaitl feed, earlier in the 3rd..

Firm makes the first decision based upon the relative costs, including both the payroll costs and the time to market costs, of making or buying the required skills for the new technology, he writes. Cost of the required skills is the worker adjustment cost of acquiring skills (training costs) and is proportional to the size of technological jumps over a given time. The cost of the required skills is the firm adjustment costs in hiring new workers, which does not depend on the size of the technological jump..

Added defensive end Chad Thomas, “We like it. We’ve played a lot of powerful teams and they couldn’t keep up with the speed. It’s hard to adjust to speed. Yes it is still offering help to those of us who are a little late in getting in on the game. Employers and internship recruiters are connected with the Career Center directly, which means it has the inside scoop on still available opportunities. You should also crash the “Just in Time Job Fair” granted, it’s for jobs, but you might be able to talk to some of the employers about possible internships.

“Whether it was leaving football or leaving something else, another job, it doesn’t matter. I’ll be happy because I’m following His will,” he added, even though he isn’t sure what path God wants him to take. “I’m going back to school to finish my degree (he lacks only six hours) and I’ll probably get a Master’s degree, too.