A merciful resolution and Bergdahl indisputably suffered at the hands of his abductors, treated brutally, kept in chains, for a while in a cage has been advocated by the high ranking officer who conducted a two month probe of the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance. Lt. Gen.

If the out of home component is more additive than streaming, the importance of ESPN’s digital simulcasts is hard to overstate. In a move to merge its traditional TV and digital reach, ESPN for the first time this summer began running identical commercial loads on its telecasts and over its WatchESPN streaming service. According to last September’s Nielsen data, WatchESPN contributed a 2% lift to ESPN’s overall college football deliveries, adding on average some 45,124 viewers per game..

Been a blessing to this team, said Ravens coach John Harbaugh. Grateful to have him on this team. Who grew up in New Orleans, also caught a 56 yard touchdown pass his only reception. Now back to Pederson’s fourth down decision. Not only was the Eagles’ expected value almost a point higher by going for it, but they also got some relief if they came up short. Because the Patriots would have had almost no chance of scoring from inside the 5 yard line with 34 seconds left (they probably would have run the clock out), the Eagles would have cut their losses by three quarters of a point if they didn’t convert the fourth down..

Quarterback Connor Shaw is having a great year as well with over 1,100 yards passing, 10 touchdowns and, perhaps most impressively, no interceptions. The defense hasn been as dominant in 2013 as it was in 2012, but if last week effort was a good indication, it improving.

So the gap grows between those big four and everybody else. We may already have reached the point where people have stopped trying to chase them. In Silicon Valley, the greatest ambition now is not to displace Google or Facebook. The Bucs continue to tweak their practice squad. After adding DE Sterling Bailey on Tuesday, they brought back DB Cody Riggs, who had been with them in preseason. Former Wisconsin RB Dare Ogunbowale was released to make room for Riggs.

“Randy’s name is synonymous with that Philadelphia play in 1980, where quarterback Ron Jaworski takes a three step dropback, and Randy hits him just as the ball is released,” said Martin. “Scott Fitzkee makes the catch over the middle, and Randy tackles him 20 yards down the field. The point is that Fitzkee never broke stride.”.