Then Sextili was changed to honor Augustus, the first Roman emperor, because he already had a bunch of statues. What else? August is National Goat Cheese Month. Who knew? Right now we are in the middle of, er, World Breastfeeding Week.. Charles Parish are paying, indirectly, for the cost of this lease agreement.”At the August meeting, Cochran said work on a lease agreement of this property had been ongoing for sometime.”We vetted this project for a year. There’s a lot of work that’s been done on this property,” he said to the audience.Last year, Clulee wrote a letter to the Louisiana Ethics Commission asking if she could lease the property to the parish herself. The commission responded, saying the state code of ethics prohibits her from leasing property to any department within St.

You probably would be a millionaire if you received a dime for every time your dad identified a bad friend long before you could. If you had followed his advice and put your too cool for you teenage obstinacy aside, you likely would been saved from a lot of heartbreak. So please don hesitate to continue following his advice into college.

Took a hit. But when he walked off and he told the trainers he got poked in the eye, then they did take him into the tent and checked him for a concussion, which he did not have, Hurney said. It was really getting poked in the eye. It something you can teach. We certainly feel it something we can expand on. Definitely, our high performance program has identified her as one of the young stars.

Now the Steelers must travel west to face a rested Oakland team that has won two of three at the Coliseum. Pittsburgh rarely performs well after games with the hated Ravens. Having them spot points on the road in a difficult situation is not the route to go here.

THANK YOU. TELL BUS THIS HONOR. HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED. “My dad will tell you that when I was little, the car radio had to be on the country station,” Lindsay Ell explains. “If my older brother touched the dial, I would beg him to turn it back. It got to the point that if they were listening to something else, all I had to do was get in the car and they automatically flip over to country.”.

Ramsey, who was the top backup to 2014 senior starter Hutson Mason, opened the scrimmage with the first team offense for the Red team. That doesn’t mean he’s leading the race. Richt said it was Ramsey’s turn to open the day with the starters in the continuing spring rotation by the quarterbacks.